What started as a small production company for Japanese theatre and music performances in Europe has developed into a unique company specialized in Japanese performing arts and Japanese musical instruments. Besides the performances and concerts Tentekomai produces, we also offer a wide range of musical instruments from Japan as well as taiko workshops and various online music lessons.
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Tentekomai Company Details

Address head office Holland

Lange Hilleweg 172

3073 BW Rotterdam

The Netherlands

TEL.: +31 (0)10 4230298

Mobile:  +31 (0)6 539 01 607 (Quintus Visser)

Mobile: +31 (0)6 517 22 616 (Maria van den Broek)

Address office Japan



(7 Nishihata Kamadani-oku Kyotamba-cho Funaigun

Kyoto JAPAN 622-0445)

TEL: +81 (0)80 4246 4035

Email: info@tentekomai.eu


(by appointment only)

Pottenbakkersstraat 7

2984 AX Ridderkerk 

The Netherlands

RABO Bank Account: 1408.59.365 

IBAN: NL 44 RABO 0140 859365


Registration Number  KVK Rotterdam/ Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 24426588

VAT/BTW no NL 8188.03.782.B01

Email: info@tentekomai.eu

Website: www.tentekomai.eu

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