Dadadadan Tenko

The Japanese dance and percussion group, that had its base in Osaka, Japan, was founded in 1987 by dancer and choreographer Isaya Mondori.

Having music, dance and theatre as the key points of their performances, Tenko brought visual and musical spectacles in which traditional and modern music and culture of Japan merged in a sublime way. Tentekomai produced and organized 8 European theatre tours of Dadadadan Tenko from 1999 – 2014. With those tours we realized close to 150 concerts and reached an audience exceeding 50.000 people. 

Besides these tours Tentekomai did the technical production for concerts in Athens, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain, Armenia, Georgia, Israel, Germany, Belgium and Lithuania and provided the instruments for their concerts in Poland and the World Expo in Milan. 

In 2019 Dadadadan Tenko stopped. A part of the group went on as Revue HTB Tenko and are based in Nagasaki. 

Some members became independent performers in Japan, among whom Akira Sakaue and Kanako Otani, working in Japan under the name “otonoha”.  Akira and Kanako also became the new partners of Tentekomai, running the Japan branch.