Other projects

sakura festival

Het Amsterdamse Bos, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

April 2013

Performance by Akira and Kanako at the yearly Cherry Blossom Festival in the Japanese Park (Amsterdamse Bos) in Amstelveen which is home to a community of about 1500 Japanese expats. The 400 Sakura trees in the park were initially planted in celebration of 400 years of cultural ties between Japan and the Netherlands.

Holland koi show

Castle gardens (Kasteeltuinen) in Arcen, the Netherlands

August 2014, 2015, 2016

For three consecutive years Akira and Kanako performed at the Koi show. This Koi show is annually organized by the Dutch Nishikigoi Association in August and is, in terms of size and number of visitors, the biggest in the world.


Roodkapje, Rotterdam 

September 2019

Fusion concert by the Dutch folk punk rock band and Akira and Kanako. The song ‘Ship de Liefde’ about the voyage of the De Liefde (The Love), the Dutch sailing ship that stranded in Japan in 1600, was especially composed for this concert. 

bass: Tom (Tomba) Freins, guitar/ backing vocals: Eduard (Edje) van Dommelen, drums: Thom Turkenburg, banjo/ mandolin/backing vocals: Jasper van Duuren, bagpipe/ tin whistle, flute/backing vocals: Marianne Bielderman, Japanese drums: Akira Sakaue, Kanako Otani, shamisen/shinobue: Kanako Otani


Koning Boudewijn Stadium/Roi Baudouin Stadium, Belgium

September 2021

Performance by Akira and Kanako with the Belgium taiko group Feniks Taiko at the annual athletics meeting, the Memorial Van Damme in the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. During the competition top athletes tried to beat their own personal record on the rhythm and beat of the taiko drum. 


Markt Centraal Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 2021

Akira and Kanako performed at the Markt Centraal, a huge monumental building used as the Central Market Hall at the Food Center Amsterdam. Not only the performance in the hall, but also the sound in front of Keith Haring’s mural further accentuated the oriental sound in Western culture. 


LantarenVenster Rotterdam, The Netherlands,

September 2021

Tsunagari means connection in Japanese. Choreographer Joseph Simon explores how musician’s and dancer’s bodies can interlace and merge into both a dance that produces music, as well as a soundscape highlighted by movement. 
Tsunagari was performed at the opening of Camera Japan, the Japanse film and Culture festival held every year in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
Performers: Akira Sakaue, Kanako Otani, Tuan Tran