On this page you will find the instruments or other related products that are excluded from the other four categories. 

These include percussion instruments such as rin (Japanese singing bowls), chappa (Japanese cymbals), kane (Japanese bells) and takedaiko (bamboo percussion instrument) but also the stringed instrument taishogoto, as well as accessories of different instruments and other products like the handmade bachibukuro (bag for drumsticks).

Please find below all the products in this category that we currently offer for sale.


New chappa made from brass.
We have three different sizes in stock.

Prices (including 21% VAT) for the chappa we have in stock: 

12 cm (4 sun): € 90,00

13,5 cm  (4.5 sun): € 100,00

14 cm  (5 sun): € 105,00

Atarigane (kane)

New atarigane made from brass.
We now have atarigane 10.7 cm (4 sun) in stock. 

Deer or plastic bell hammer are also available. 

Prices (including 21% VAT): € 100,00

024 Takedaiko


Length: 50 cm   

Diameter: 10 cm

Weight: ca. 505 gram

This bamboo percussion instrument is new. It comes with 1 pair of bachi and a small stand. 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 95,00

025 Uchiwa daiko

Second hand

Manufacturer: Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten

Length: 47 cm

Diameter: 24,5  cm  

Weight: ca. 470 g

This uchiwa daiko has a cowhide skin. One side of the skin has hand written calligraphy and the other side has a stamp of the manufacturer. The handle is made of wood. The sound is good.
We have several uchiwa daiko in stock. They are obviously used, having traces of use but are all in good condition. 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 85,00

019 Strings for biwa


Three silk strings for Chikuzen Biwa 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 42,00

012 Koto nails



Plastic koto tsume, nails for playing the Japanese koto. 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 27,50

013 Bachi for sanshin


Sanshin bachi  for playing a sanshin. 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 25,50

Deer bell hammer


Length: 36 cm

Bell hammer (shumoku) made from deer antler to play the atarigane.

Price (including 21% VAT): € 27,50

Plastic bell hammer


Length: 36 cm

Bell hammer (shumoku) made from plastic to play the atarigane.

Price (including 21% VAT): € 18,00

Shamisen snares (set of 3 snares)


Set of 3 snares for shamisen

Price (including 21% VAT): € 36,00



Handmade bags for the storage of bachi. 

Price (including 21% VAT)Small bachibukuro: € 7,50

Price (including 21% VAT)Large bachibukuro: € 15,00

Key holder


Small wooden key holder with bells and string. 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 15,00

Flute cover


Handmade cover for flute. 

Price (including 21% VAT)Small flute cover: € 7,50

Price (including 21% VAT)Large flute cover: € 15,00

Naruko Clappers


Length: 18 cm

Set of two clappers made of hinoki (cypress wood), new in box. 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 19,50


Second hand

We have two binzasara available. Both are second hand.
The smallest binzasara has 104 blocks  (2 cm x 6 cm) so 4 are missing.
The total length is 82 cm.

The biggest binzasara we have in stock has 108 blocks (2,8 cm x 8cm) and is 100 cm long. 

Price (including 21% VAT)Binzasara 82 cm: € 55,00

Price (including 21% VAT)Binzasara 100 cm: € 90,00