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For the concerts of Japanese percussion in Europe, we as producers were responsible for the instruments that were needed in Europe. Since ocean transportation took far too much time, we were forced to transport the instruments by air. The involving high costs compelled us to search for affordable alternatives.

It proved almost impossible to rent Japanese taiko drums in Europe. Ultimately, we decided to purchase and store a large number of Japanese drums in the Netherlands. In this way we were not only able to limit the expenses on air transportation, but also could contribute to the reduction of our own CO2 footprint. 

Meanwhile, many other people have experienced the benefits of Tentekomai’ s taiko drums in Europe. In addition to our own productions, the drums are frequently used by other Japanese drummers for their performances in Europe. We are proud that even grandmaster Eitetsu Hayashi has played our drums several times. 

European theatre producers and orchestras (Metropole Orkest, Leipzig MDR-Synfonieorkester, Estonia Musical Productions, Orkiestra Sinfonia Varsovia, Ass Fetes Musicales en Touraine) make also regularly use of our instruments, as do Dutch TV producers (TalpaAVRO/TROS).

Our drums can even be heard in the soundtrack of the multi-award-winning video playing game Horizon Zero Dawn.

Below you find a list of the various Japanese drums we offer for rent. For each drum you will find a short description, the number available of the particular taiko, the rental day price excluding 21% V.A.T.  

Please be aware that we use the Japanese unit for measurement called shaku for the dimensions of the drums. The shaku has been standardized as 10/33 meter (30,3 centimeters or 11,9 inches). This means that 1 meter is equal to 3,3 shaku. 

The prices mentioned refer to daily prices excluding 21% V.A.T.

Please consider these daily prices as a guideline. In case of a larger number of drums we presumably are able to make a special (set) price. The same could also apply for a longer rental period. We might also adjust the price depending on the purpose of use. If the taiko drums will not be played and only rented for purely decorative purposes such as photoshoots and theatre scenery, we can possibly adjust the daily rate. Rental for rehearsals could also be differently assessed than rentals for commercial concerts or performances.  Whenever our situation allows for this, we are willing to support attractive/cultural projects by offering a reduction of the rental fee. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our rental drums, the rental conditions, our delivery service and any other queries. 

Below you find a list of the taiko drums in our rental service. 

Taiko drumsSizeNumber availableRental day fee in € 
excluding 21% V.A.T
1. OKEDO (Odaiko / 4,6 shaku) with stand140cmØ1450,00
2. OKEDO (Odaiko / 4 shaku) with stand120cmØ2250,00
3. HIRADAIKO (3 shaku) with stand90cmØ1250,00
4. NAGADODAIKO (Odaiko / 3 shaku) with stand90cmØ1175,00
5. NAGADODAIKO (1,7 shaku) with 2 stands51cmØ4100,00
6. OKEDODAIKO (2,2 shaku)  with  Eitetsu stand66cmØ165,00
7. OKEDODAIKO (1,8 shaku)  with Eitetsu stand54cmØ155,00
8. OKEDODAIKO (1,6 shaku) with Eitetsu stand or shouldering band48cmØ145,00
9. OKEDODAIKO (1,4 shaku) with Eitetsu stand or shouldering band42cmØ140,00
10. KATSUGI-OKEDODAIKO(1,5 shaku)  with shouldering band45cmØ240,00
11. Tsukeshimedaiko (no.3)37cmØ245,00