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Buying your own traditional Japanese instrument

Japanese instruments capture the imagination of many musicians. Not only the impressive taiko drums, but also the various Japanese strings and flutes are worldwide growing in popularity. There is an incredible great variety of Japanese instruments, some even having a history of centuries.
Occasionally you see these instruments outside Japan but for most western musicians they stay out of reach.

Internet offers a solution to acquire Japanese instruments, but mainly for small instruments such as flutes, hand bells, small drums etc.  And how can you judge quality remotely? What about reading Japanese websites? How to follow the prescribed import rules?

We became aware of the existing trade in high quality used instruments in Japan. This was the opportunity for us to explore and enter this market in Japan with the aim of importing them to Europe.

Akira and Kanako, the Japanese partners of Tentekomai, master different kinds of instruments themselves. They also maintain good and close relationships with musicians and instrument builders who have a thorough knowledge and expertise of Japanese instruments. Tentekomai has this specialized knowledge to assess used/vintage instruments. In addition, our partners in Japan are able to assess the quality by playing and testing the instruments before shipping to Europe.

Besides percussion, snare and wind instruments, we also offer various bachi (drum sticks) and other instruments and related products such as bells and handmade bachibukuro (bags for drum sticks). 

Please be aware that we don’t sell our products online. Most of our products are vintage, unique and have a life span behind them. This means that they can have minor bruises, small damages, restored parts etc. We will do our utmost best to give a faithful, accurate and detailed description as much as possible but please be aware that we only sell those instruments with a limited warranty. 

Please feel free to visit our dojo/showroom (by appointment only) or contact us for more information. 

Below you find all the instruments we offer for sale divided into 5 different categories. If you find any product you are interested in, please contact us for more information or make an appointment to visit us. 

We keep on searching for special instruments to complete the range within all the products categories with the aim of offering a wider choice and more options.

If you cannot find a particular item on our website or if you have a special request, please let us know. You may give us a search and we might be able to find the instrument of your dream.