String instruments

We are proud to have quite a variety of vintage Japanese string instruments that we offer for sale, among which shamisen, sanshin, biwa and koto

Most of the Japanese strings can be tuned like western strings, except for the koto

We can also provide spare strings but please be aware that ordering will take some time since we don’t keep stock of all kinds.

More information about Japanese string instruments click here

Please also find below the various strings we sell. 

009 Koto (with low stand and bridges)


Second hand

Length: 184 cm

Weight: ca. 6000 gram

This koto with 13 strings is beautiful and in excellent state. It comes with a low stand and (plastic) bridges. 
The cover consists of a textile cloth, specially made for this koto.

Price (including 21% VAT): € 620,00

010 Sanshin (with sanshin bag)

Second hand

Total length: 80 cm  

Diameter body: 19 cm 

Height body: 8 cm

Weight: ca. 1250 gram

Kyokabari sanshin from Okinawa. This sanshin has a beautiful body covered with snake skin and is in good condition.
Spare snares and a sanshin bachi are also available. 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 245,00

011 Biwa

Second hand

Total length: 92 cm  

Diameter body: 28 cm  

Height body: 8 cm 

Weight: ca.1750 gram

This Chikuzen Biwa is in a very good state. The body is made from mulberry and paulownia. The biwa has silk snares. Spare snares are available.

Price (including 21% VAT): € 1950,00

014 Koto (with cover, low stand and bridges)


Second hand

Length: 182 cm

Weight: ca. 6000 gram

This koto is in a good condition and looks very beautiful. It comes with wooden bridges and a thin cloth cover. The cover has a beautiful design but is torn.

Price (including 21% VAT): € 480,00