Taiko Workshops for Beginners

Having a sense of rhythm or being musical is considered as an advantage but is not required and necessary for participation since taiko playing is as much about physical as it is about music. You might even discover some muscles you didn’t know you had.  So everybody from the age of 12 having a healthy condition can join. 

All our taiko workshops always start with a physical warming-up. It is important to wear comfortable clothes in which you can easily move. Be aware we play the taiko without shoes. 

During the taiko beginners workshop you will learn some basic techniques for playing a taiko drum. For this workshop we mainly use nailed skin drums like nagado daiko and hira daiko

The taiko drums are placed on taiko stands and played in standing up-right position. 

You will learn the proper position during playing (kamae),  how to hold the bachi, wooden drum sticks, and how to move your body and arms. 

Written music will not be used during the lessons. The rhythms will be practiced and memorized by vocal exercises.

Different taiko rhythms will be taught and practiced. At the end of the workshop a small group performance will be given by the participants. The taiko workshop will end with a cooling down. 

The lessons will be given by professional Japanese taiko percussionists. Our instructors are used to communicate in English, but we can provide proper interpreting if necessary. 

The standard duration of a group workshop is 3 hours, including two or three short brakes. 

If you are interested in a workshop please click here for the upcoming taiko workshops. There you can find the latest information and how to subscribe. 

If you want to book a private workshop for your company, sport club etc. please feel free to contact us for more information, possibilities or a quotation.