There are two major kind of taiko drums we offer for sale, the drums with the skins nailed on the body and those who have the skins tensioned by ropes outside the body. The ‘nailed’ drums cannot be changed in tone or pitch.

The taiko with skins that are tensioned by ropes can be pitched or tuned but this will require some time and skills so please be aware of that. If a drum is out of use for a longer period of time, it is recommended to release the tension on the skin to extend its lifespan.

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The sizes of the drums are mentioned in centimeters as well as in the Japanese units of length measurements shaku and sun. Shaku is a Japanese foot of approx. 30 cm. Each shaku is divided in 10 sun. The measurements refer to the diameter of the skin.

Please find below the taiko drums we offer for sale.

002 Nagado daiko 1.3  

Second hand

Manufacturer: Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten

Diameter: 39 cm 

This nagado daiko manufactured by Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten is in a good state. It has some traces of use. One drumhead was reskinned with cowhide in 2019 before shipped to Europe. This new skin is cloaded. It is not common but neither unusual and it doesn’t affect the quality. The other drumhead was good and therefore not reskinned. The body is made of one trunk of zelkova. The drum has two handles. 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 1820,00

006 Shime daiko Kanji (with stand and bachi)

Second hand

Diameter:  34,5 cm

Height: ca.15 cm

Weight drum: ca. 2900 gram

This shime daiko comes with a stand and bag and 1 pair of bachi.  On one skin and on the stand kanji (Japanese characters) are hand written. It contains the name (presumably from the former owner) and the year (1977) in which it was probably reskinned. The sound of this drum is reasonable.

Price (including 21% VAT): € 310,00