Terms and Conditions of Rental

of Japanese Drums

The following terms and conditions apply to all companies and or persons or other entities (“you”, ‘’your’’) that are renting a Japanese drum (taiko) offered by Tentekomai (“we”, ‘’us’’, ‘’our’’) on our website www.tentekomai.eu.

Please ensure you have read and understand the following before renting a Japanese taiko.

Product specifications

Features and specifications of the Japanese drums we offer for rental, described or depicted on our website are subject to change without notice. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not materially change the features and specifications of a product once an order has been accepted by us.

All weights and dimensions of products described in the website are approximate.


All prices of the drums for rental, described and depicted on our website are in Euro’s, excluding  21% VAT and excluding delivery charges. The delivery charges are calculated based on the delivery address, the size and weight of the order, means of transportation and rental term. See our Shipping and Delivery Policy for more information.

The rental fee mentioned on the website refer to daily prices. These prices can be considered as a guideline. For a definite rental price (including delivery charges, if applicable) you can contact us for a quotation. 

Taxes and VAT

The VAT amount will be specified on our quotes and invoices. 

For companies located outside the Netherlands, but inside the European Union, we can create invoices for intra-community supplies. For the quote to be binding between Tentekomai and buyer there has to be a valid VAT number. We do check the validity of the VAT-numbers we receive. 

Limited availability products

The drums we offer for rent are unique in its kind. We offer these products for rental strictly on a “first come first served” basis. 

Rental period

The rental period shall be as agreed upon between you and us, unless the contract is terminated earlier in accordance with these conditions. 

The rental period may be extended by mutual written agreement of both parties and the daily rate set out in the order shall apply to any extended rental period. 

If the rental period has not been extended by mutual written agreement of both parties and the rented drums are not returned to us on the return date set out in the order, you will be charged at the daily rate set out in the order until the drums have been returned to us. 


We shall deliver the drums to the location set out in the order. 

Delivery dates and time of delivery shall be agreed upon between Tentekomai and you. We  shall not be liable to the customer for any delay in delivery. 

Order and reservation

Your order can be placed through email or by mutual oral agreement between you and us. 

You can request for a quotation by providing us with the relevant information such as number and kind of drums, delivery address, purpose of use, rental term etc. The drums will be delivered and collected by Tentekomai, unless otherwise agreed. Please refer to our Shipping and Delivery Policy for more information about our delivery service. 

The rental contract between us is only established after the written contract is received by you and signed for agreement. After this the drums will be reserved for you according to the agreement. Our offer or tender on reservation shall be valid to the date indicated on the offer or tender. 

Offers or tender on reservation

Cancellation of your reservation 

If you cancel your reservation after the contract is signed by both of us, 50% of the rental fee will be charged. In the event of cancellation between 1 – 14 days before the start date , 100% of the rental fee will be charged. 

Security deposit

You agree to allow us to charge and hold a security deposit for the rented items rented by you, shown on your invoice as the “Rental Deposit.” This charge is security against loss or damage of the Rental Items or non-payment of any fees. We will return the Rental Deposit, less any amounts you owe us, within three days after the rented items have been returned to us.

Payment terms

We shall invoice you with a tax invoice for the rental payment and deposit in accordance with the agreement between you and us. 

You shall make payment by bank transfer in advance within thirty days (30) of the date on the invoice received from us.

The final invoice will be based on the actual return date of the drums. If the drums are returned later than the return date specified on the order, you will be charged at the daily rate set out in the order until the drums have been returned to Tentekomai. 

Any damage or loss to the rented drums and accessories will be billed to the renting party and will be restrained from the deposit. 

Payment Period

Payment must be made within the pre-agreed payment term. Your order will only be dispatched after we have received your payment in full, unless otherwise agreed. 

If we de no receive your payment within the pre-agreed payment term, we reserve the right to refrain the order and add the item(s) back in stock. Before we execute this, you will be informed by email or telephone first. 


The Japanese drums shall at all times remain the property of Tentekomai, and you shall have no right, title or interest in or to the drums.

You shall give us immediate notice in the event the drums are lost, stolen or damaged as a result of your possession or use of the drums or if there is a claim or, for any reason, a threat of seizure of the drums. 

The risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the drums shall pass to you on delivery of the drums at the pre-agreed delivery address or, in case of collecting the rented instruments at our warehouse in Ridderkerk, at the time the drums leave our warehouse. The drums shall remain at the sole risk of you during the rental period and any further term during which the drums are in the possession, custody or control of you until such time as the equipment is returned to Tentekomai. 

Your obligation 

You represent and acknowledge that you have requisite knowledge of the rented drums and shall during the term of the contract:

  • At all times during the rental period, keep and maintain the drums in good condition.
  • Use the drums only for the purposes for which they are designed and operate in a careful, prudent manner in accordance with the instructions for use.
  • Keep the drums in a secure and suitable environment when not in use
  • Ensure that the drums are played only by suitably competent persons, duly instructed on its safe operation in accordance with the instructions for use. 
  • Allow us to inspect the drums at all reasonable times and for such purpose to enter upon the site or any premises at which the drums may be located and shall grant reasonable access and facilities for such inspections. 
  • Not make, or allow any person to make any changes, modifications or repairs to the drums. 
  • Deliver up the drums at the end of the rental period.

Termination of the lease

We reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect if we conclude that the terms and conditions as described above are not being complied with. A dissolution as described here will not indemnify you from your obligation to pay the agreed rental fee. 

Data protection

We see it as our responsibility to protect your privacy. Please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy to see what information we collect from you, why we collect this data and how we improve your user experience. 

Governing law

These terms shall be governed by Dutch Law and your hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch Courts.

Contact information

If you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions or our rental service, please contact us at info@tentekomai.eu