Wind instruments

At this moment we only offer Japanese side-blown Shinobue flutes in different sizes.

These flutes are very popular as a solo instrument. Shinobue flutes are tuned in the western key and therefore easy to play and very suitable to combine with western music instruments.

More information about the Shinobue or other kinds of Japanese flutes please click here.

Please find below the Shinobue flutes we currently offer for sale. 

New Shinobue Flutes

New shinobue flutes made from Japanese bamboo. 

We have in stock: No 6 (B♭), No 7 (B) , No 8 (C) No 9 (C#) and No 10(D).

Prices (including 21% VAT) for the shinobue  we have in stock: 

No 6 : € 212,00

No 7 : € 199,00

No 8:  € 178,00

No 9: € 178,00

No 10: € 178,00

A002 Sho (in case)

Second hand

Length: 52 cm

Weight: ca. 900 gram

This sho is made in China. The pipes are made from bamboo with a metal bottom and mouth piece. The instrument is second hand and has some traces of use but the state is reasonable. 

Price (including 21% VAT): € 615,00