Taiko Workshops for Intermediates & Advanced

Workshops taiko drumming for intermediate or advanced level will be organized on special request.

Unlike the workshops for beginners, the starting point for these  workshops is that the participants already have a basic knowledge of taiko drumming techniques and master the basic skills for playing the taiko. 

It is the challenging task of the taiko teacher to find a common level of the skills of the participants. Therefore we preferably give these intermediate and high-level workshops to existing taiko ensembles, music groups/ collectives or students of music academies. We’ll rather not organize these workshops with an open registration for individual participants.

The intermediate and advanced workshops can be held on a special kind of taiko drum. For example an katsugi okedo Workshop in which the students will be taught how to control and move their body while playing the okedo, the barrel drum carried on a shoulder strap.

Mastering a special kind of drumming technique can also be the base of a taiko workshop on a higher level, such as a miyake Workshop where students will learn the very physical miyake drumming style. 

Whether the focus lies on the type of drum or a special drumming technique, every taiko workshop will aim on playing a performable music piece as a group. 

The contents of the workshop as well as the date, duration, location, number of participants, number and type of drums etc. will be agreed jointly.

Participants can play their own instruments but it is also possible to make use of the Tentekomai taiko drums.

The lessons will be given by professional Japanese taiko percussionists. Our instructors are used to communicate in English, but we can provide proper interpreting if necessary. 

If you are interested in an intermediate or advanced taiko workshop please feel free to contact us for more information, possibilities or a quotation.